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Lack of sincerity in apology of 19-year-old who beat and burned dog, say Malaysian...

A Malaysian Chinese youth who abused and set fire to a stray dog apologized, promising to cover its medical expenses and reform, but netizens have questioned the sincerity of his apology. The youth's act was captured on CCTV and sparked public outrage, prompting the veterinarian involved to file a police report. The case is currently being investigated under the Animal Welfare Act 2015, which carries a penalty of up to RM 100,000 or imprisonment for up to three years or both if convicted.
View of Angkor Wat in Cambodia during Sunset (Source: Daniel Lazarov/pexels.com).

Cambodia should halt ‘forced evictions’ at Angkor Wat: Amnesty

Amnesty International has urged Cambodia to stop the "mass forced evictions" of 10,000 families from the Angkor Wat temple complex, as the Cambodian government relocates them to a new community to protect the ruins from squatters whose informal settlements are damaging the local environment. The government says people are moving voluntarily, but Amnesty claims villagers faced "implicit threats if they did not move" and were not properly consulted or given enough notice. The ruined Angkor Wat temples are Cambodia's top tourist attraction.

Content creator trapped in Oxley Residence toilet for 90 minutes, allegedly asked to pay...

SINGAPORE— Qman JunYong, a content creator, never expected a brief stop at a toilet in Oxley Residence would end up with him being trapped...

Former Malaysian PM Najib’s final attempt to challenge his graft conviction verdict dismissed by...

MALAYSIA — Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s bid to review an earlier court decision affirming his graft conviction in a case related to...

19-year-old Malaysian condemned by community for his act of beating and burning stray dog

A video of a 19-year-old male beating a stray dog with a metal rod and setting it on fire has sparked outrage among Malaysian netizens, who are demanding justice for the animal. The incident occurred in Skudai, Johor Bahru, and was captured on CCTV footage, which was shared on Facebook. The dog sustained two fractured legs and first to second-degree burns and is receiving medical treatment. The veterinarian who cared for the dog has filed a police report and refused to retract it despite alleged requests from the offender's family.

Malaysian PM given red carpet reception in state car, while PM Lee and Ho...

While Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was given a red-carpet welcome and a state car bearing the Malaysian flag, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his delegation, including his wife Ho Ching, were simply ushered onto airport buses.

US media reports Trump being indicted over hush money payments

Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, making him the first current or former president in American history to face criminal charges, according to US media. Multiple sources familiar with the matter have confirmed the indictment with US media, which has been filed under seal and is set to be announced in the coming days.

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