Dr Vivian Balakrishnan Image: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

Singapore to launch a scheme to help companies recruit talents from Indonesia

In a meeting between the two foreign ministers of Singapore and Indonesia, it was said that Singapore companies are interested in recruiting talent from Indonesia while Indonesia will increase its skilled workers to the city-state, among them related to caregiver therapists.

Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said in the meeting, “We believe Indonesian universities and technical institutes will produce many graduates with digital skills and we are thinking of launching a scheme, in which Singapore companies – which are looking for talent – will be able to recruit talent here, deploy them here, and provide services for the rest of the world,”

Dr Balakrishnan also said that Singapore and Indonesia have a long, deep and multifaceted relationship. In terms of economic partnership, he believes Singapore companies will be looking for more opportunities to invest in Indonesia amid the country’s ongoing economic reforms that will provide better regulatory certainty and to rejuvenate the collaborative projects the two countries have in Batam, Bintan and Karimun.

Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms Retno Marsudi indicated that the two countries could cooperate in manpower for caregivers.

“There is a possibility of cooperation in manpower for caregivers,” said Ms Retno. “I expressed the Indonesian government’s appreciation to Singapore for the good treatment given to Indonesian workers in Singapore. Moving forward, Indonesia will also increase its skilled workers, among them related to caregiver therapists.”

She also said that Indonesia is keen to increase its export in agri-business to Singapore, as Singapore needs agriculture products, and Indonesia has the export capacity.

The visits are part of his introductory visits to countries in the region, after taking office as Singapore’s new Foreign Minister. On Wednesday, Dr Balakrishnan is scheduled to meet with Indonesian President Joko Widodo before returning back on the same day.