Daily Archives: 2016-01-08

Fielding police powers, plugging plot-holes

By Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss The recently reported decision of Wham Kwok Han Jolavan v Attorney-General [1] has clarified that police warnings are “no more than an expressions of the opinion of the relevant authority that the recipient has committed an offence”.  As such, there is no decision for the Court to quash. In his written judgment, the Judge made the following points: …

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Chingay 2016’s 8000 balloons not meant to be released into the sky

The People’s Association (PA) announced the details of the upcoming annual Chingay parade 2016 to the media on Thursday. Mr Nah Juay Hng, the committee chairman for Chingay 2016, said that the audience will be given a specially made hand-held bulb so that they can be part of the fully illuminated opening and finale of the parade. This will involve …

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The History of Singapore: IndoctriNation

In the 17th episode of “The History of Singapore”, Dr Thum Ping Tjin explains why and how the British sought to transform Singapore’s Chinese into loyal English-speaking British subjects, and how this alienated and radicalised the Chinese-speaking community and sparking off the movement for Singapore’s independence. To safeguard British interests in Singapore after independence, the British desired to leave behind …

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The Press, MOM and the Law

Once again, the mainstream press were quite happy to regurgitate the contents of a Ministry of Manpower press release oblivious to the basic questions which arise from the statement. There is not an iota more information to be obtained from the press reports than there is in the MOM statement. Only words get shuffled around as if to suggest some …

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