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Religion can lead the way

By Masked Crusader Religion can lead the way. Which is to say it has not—at least in the case of Amos Yee. Among the charges Yee, Singapore’s most famous 16-year-old, is facing is one for creating content with the, “deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians in general”. Curious wording indeed. I am no legal eagle but it …

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Much ado over one little Amos Yee

By Jentrified Citizen It’s been 40 days since Amos Yee was arrested and he has spent some 15 days in remand since then. Following the 2-day trial which ended yesterday, this 16-year-old boy is currently languishing in a Changi Prison cell awaiting the court verdict which is expected next Tuesday. One can only imagine how he must be feeling and …

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Sengkang LRT trains stuck on tracks due to power fault

By Failrail.sg On Friday, more than one train stuck due to power fault at Sengkang LRT West Loop (8 May). According to hear-say from local residents, passengers were detrained from the train which was stuck on the tracks. There was also a mention of stuck train at Layar platform. Train still stuck #sengkang #lrt pic.twitter.com/NDdfdP4xYO — dZus (@dzus77) May 8, …

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Owed $3000 Paid $500

Bangladeshi worker Jamal Uddin was claiming unpaid wages of up to $3000 but ended up being paid only $500 after MOM’s initial intervention.

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No proof Christians were hurt by Amos Yee’s video: defence

Amos Yee had no deliberate intention to wound the feelings of the entire religious community, counsel for the teenager said in his defence on day two of the trial on Friday. The 16-year old teen is being tried on two charges relating to remarks he made in a Youtube video, and a caricature on his blog. His remarks in the …

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