Daily Archives: 2015-04-17

Did FAP defame with “One Big Family” post?

By Josh Jason Chua has gone overboard with his antics this time. On the Fabrications About the PAP page, Jason Chua suggests that law firm Peter Low LLC is run by Worker’s Party, and called it “One Big Family”. Can Jason Chua be sued for defaming Peter Low LLC? He insinuated that a reputable law firm is the tool of a …

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Lee Kuan Yew Gardens?

By Cherian George When Gardens By The Bay was about to open some years ago, I mentioned to a few friends that I felt like writing a piece proposing that it be named after Lee Kuan Yew. They told me I’d be seen as just sucking up. Suspecting that they might be right, I shelved the thought. Over the past …

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