“Fully empathize with Amos’s situation as to a mother”

Mdm Judy Tan

Reflecting on both the late Lee Kuan Yew’s overblown and overrated state funeral along with the charging in Court of teenager, Amos Yee today, I can’t help but pen this thought.

Being the mother of an “overgrown” child myself, I fully empathize with Amos’s situation as to a mother, her child never quite grows and will always be her baby.I felt the treatment rendered by the State to Amos is audaciously excessive, given his relatively immature age and the grievances he was made to live with growing up. My notorious Member of Parliament, Tin Pei Ling is still pretty child-like herself despite her age and soon to be motherhood. She laid like a kid on her mother’s shoulders when visiting her father in an A class ward several months back as well as getting grassroots like her JP appointed branch secretary and others to shield her from difficult residents she does not know how to answer. If she can be childish, why not Amos who is still pretty much, a child!

Do not underestimate grievances as it can be quite a motivating power to accomplish great things like the Arab Spring, people’s power revolution etc. that saw brutal and decades long dictators overthrown!Besides, shouldn’t Amos be tried in a Family Court instead which is the “correct channel” to deal with family and juvenile issues.

On Sunday’s state funeral which the Straits Times ridiculously titling it as the heavens crying for Lee Kuan Yew when it poured, is nothing short of plain silly!

I felt that it was in actual fact, Lee Kuan Yew crying for the nation he and his compatriots painstakingly built up as it is about to be destroyed by this current generation of technocrats they left behind.The recent disproportional move by the State is one such example. Instead of properly addressing several high profile breaches by people deemed close to the establishment like Waffles Wu, Filipino former nurse Edz Ello, Jason Neo of Young PAP and Eliab Ratnam, the authorities chose to sweep the matter under the carpet and hoped time together with amnesia will be their allies. (Both the latter have made disparaging remarks to wound a certain race and religious composite here).

If the People’s Action Party (PAP) government continues this line of governing, they will only have themselves to blame for wreaking the hard work our founding fathers toiled to achieve. No matter how much resolutions the PAP passes on building a “just and fair society”, it will all just be empty talk and a useless piece of ego booster!

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