Daily Archives: 2014-08-06

Truly proud of being Singaporean

By Crystal Lim Every National Day, and the days leading up to it, schools in Singapore aim to foster in students a sense of pride in being Singaporean. They do this by exhorting students to sing National Day songs and reciting “Recollections”, which require students to reply collectively to narrations of Singapore’s history with lines such as, “We pledge to keep our nation free, …

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Political change, the law and how it is used

By Ghui Ever since the unprecedented GE 2011 results, many have written about how Singapore’s political attitudes have changed. As our country nears its 49th birthday, the time is ripe for us to take stock, assess and reflect on the shifting mind-sets of our nation state over the last few years. Given that the results of GE2011 were tangible and …

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