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M’sian PM threatens to sue website over readers’ comments

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has threatened to sue online news portal Malaysiakini for readers’ comments posted on the site “concerning his handling of the political crisis in Terengganu which erupted early this week,” Malaysiakini said. It explained, in a report on 16 May on its website: “Najib’s legal action was initiated in his personal capacity and jointly with Umno …

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“Affordable” healthcare all depends on your luck

By SY Lee and Leong Sze Hian We refer to the article “Musculoskeletal patients face highest risk of large hospital bills: Study” (Today, May 13). Luck and the type of illness? The article describes how studies have shown that those with musculoskeletal diseases, which include back pain and osteoarthritis, had a 5.6 per cent to 14 per cent chance of incurring …

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Role of opposition: More than just an alternative party

By Ghui After years of staid Parliamentary sessions, things have finally livened up. Hot button issues such as immigration, the over stretched transportation services and various scandals related to Members of Parliament from both the People’s Action Party and the Workers’ Party have been debated in bona fide fashion. While still tame compared to many more mature democracies, this is …

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Burning of S’pore flag “a serious incident”: MFA

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has confirmed that a Singapore flag was burnt in the anti-China protests in Vietnam on Tuesday. The incident is reported to have taken place in one of two Singapore-run industrial parks in the country. “The flag is a sacred national symbol and should be treated with respect,” the MFA said. “The Singapore Embassy in …

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Singapore Flyer’s uncertain future ahead

By Yasmeen Banu It was an event of merriment and joy as the symbolic beat of the drum sparked a dazzling laser and fireworks display across Marina Bay. It marked the official opening of the Singapore Flyer on the 15th of April 2008 by Guest of Honour and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The $240 million project had an optimistic …

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