Daily Archives: 2012-08-29

Panasonic Singapore exploited us: foreign workers

By: Kumaran Pillai, Terry Xu & Leo Khaw – Chen (not her real name) paid S$3600 of her savings to an agent in promise of more money, better life and to escape from the communist regime of China. But now, she has found herself only the short end of the stick. She works for a meagre S$500 a month as …

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Willing Hearts: Feeding the Poor in Singapore

By Creatives For Causes (CFC) – What happens when a poor elderly woman faces difficulty walking but has to buy groceries and cook daily to support herself and her bedridden husband? Who takes care of and feed the children of a lower income family when the breadwinner, a single mother, has to work several jobs? Clearly, our current social assistance …

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Renewing Perspectives on the MDP

By Howard Lee – Jointly organised by the National Solidarity Party and the Think Centre, the Public Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Mandatory Death Penalty drew a crowd of more than 100, packed into a tight room to hear from both the legal and human rights perspectives. The event follows on the trail of the Singapore government’s announcement on …

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