Daily Archives: 2012-03-29

Median income growth: MOM says +1%, PSD says -0.6%?

~ By Leong Sze Hian ~ I refer to the article "1.618 months pro-rated National Bonus for political office-holders" (TODAY, March 27) which states that, "For 2011, there was no payout under the real median income growth rate indicator, as it was -0.6 per cent. There was, however, a 50 per cent payout level for real growth rate of the …

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Will multi-party by-election in Hougang increase choice?

~ By Gordon Lee ~ On the face of it, having more parties appear on the ballot paper increases voter “choice” by giving voters a more varied slate of candidates to choose from. Indeed, there could be some previous PAP-voter who would like to register their discontent (but not by voting WP), or some WP-voter who has been let down …

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Government replies = 'sure fail' exam answers

~ By John Chan ~ I often wonder if one were to answer an exam question in the manner that our government replies to queries, would he fail. As I have observed, government replies typically reframe the question until there is no semblance of its original substance, then addresses it tangentially before avoiding specific and often key points. Of course, …

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