Daily Archives: 2012-01-18

Poor children have 10% chance of making it to the top?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to the article “Mobility in S’pore ‘higher than previously thought'” (Today, Jan 13). It states: Having poor or less-educated fathers does not necessarily mean their sons will fare similarly, according to a study by a Ministry of Finance economist. Using the income records of about 39,500 father-son pairs from the Department of Statistics, the …

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How fair is our criminal justice system?

~by: Teo Soh Lung~ The recent decision in the motion filed by M Ravi, lawyer for Ramalingam Ravinthran complaining that in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion, his client was unfairly charged with the crime that carries the mandatory death penalty is disturbing. Ramalingam was charged and sentenced to death for trafficking in cannabis while his accomplice was jailed for  20 …

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