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The ‘Other’ National Day Video

Jewel Philemon/ The iconic words, “This is Home”, will never have the same meaning again after ‘Another Home’ was released on 28th July. The parody music video, created and produced by local independent film website, SINdie, features ‘The Noose’ star Chua En Lai, as well as a platoon of other actors, including look-alikes of young politicians Ms Tin Pei Ling …

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The 2010s: Do I Follow You?

by: Kirsten Han/ One year into this decade, it is difficult to tell who will rise to be the one who will define the 2010s. Will there even be such a person? I’m sure there will be certain figures and moments that will stand out. Who can forget the speed with which fans accumulated on Nicole Seah’s Facebook page during …

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The subtleness of Mr Goh Chok Tong

by: Ravi Philemon/ Who shaped the 90s?  As I pondered hard on this question, I realised that I can give credit for this to only one man – Mr Goh Chok Tong. Even before he took over as Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew had already warned him “even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower …

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SDP celebrates National Day (part 1)

by: Benjamin Cheah/ On the 6th of August this year, the Singapore Democratic Party (“SDP”) organised a dinner to celebrate National Day at the Gallery at Fort Canning. Dubbed the “Singapore Day Party”, its name was a play on the SDP acronym. Dr Chee Soon Juan, leader of the SDP, said that the dinner let people ‘have a bit of …

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Number of neighbour disputes hit high

From Today newspaper. — Case 1: A family, who had just moved here from China, had resorted to mediation because they could not stand the smell of curry that their Singaporean Indian neighbours would often cook. The Indian family, who were mindful of their neighbour’s aversion, had already taken to closing their doors and windows whenever they cooked the dish, …

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Lee Kuan Yew – giant of a repressive decade

by: Siew Kum Hong/ I consider myself a child of the ’80s. Born in 1975, I first became conscious of the world around me in the 1980s. Even by Singapore’s standards, there were a lot of changes in that decade. Many of these changes have gone on to become integral and fundamental to what Singapore is today. Group Representation Constituencies …

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