“What do you do Mr President?”

MARUAH has put together a public forum to continue their key role in increasing public awareness of Singapore’s election processes and our country’s constitutional matters. They strongly believe that information is crucial to acting and voting responsibly.

Through this forum they intend to highlight and discuss the Presidential Elections and the mandate it confers on the Elected President so that the Singaporeans can make informed choices.

Their speakers for the forum are Kevin YL Tan, a constitutional expert and Alex Au Waipang, an activist blogger, will share their insight and knowledge on the mandate of the Elected President and how we can make decisions that is the best for Singapore.

This Forum has also been timed to take place in advance of the Presidential polling date (which at this point is yet to be announced) and they hope that through this Forum, Singaporeans will be made aware of their rights as citizens and their responsibilities as voters.

More information on this forum and how you may register is HERE.

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