PUB’s Cuscaden Road misinformation?

In her commentary piece of 13 Jun 2011, headed, “ Plumb depths of floods for good solutions”, Tan Dawn Wei quoted the PUB as having told her that (quote) “ Cuscaden also sits on a higher plane, so water should be flowing down to Orchard Road instead, it added.” (end quote)…given the measurements revealed through Google Earth*, it would appear that during the recent downpour there would have been a likelihood that runoffs from both the Orchard Rd side and the Trader’s Hotel side of Cuscaden Road, as well as the surrounding bowl-shaped higher ground, would have flowed down towards the ST Regis Residence to flood its basement car park where those expensive cars were parked!…going purely by the Google Earth pictures and the measurements made and the fact that the St Regis Residences did indeed suffer a flooding of its basement car park, it is evident enough that Cascaden Road IS NOT situated on a “higher plane” as claimed by the PUB. If fact, it is quite the opposite.

The question is, why this misinformation by the PUB?

Read the entire blog entry: HERE

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