TOC Blog Feature: Why S’pore TV is dead

From the blog, Jelly Farm:

Since late 2001, I have been immersed in many gigs in the Singapore TV/media industry. After 9 years busting butt on the ground, I have decided that this may the last year I want to be as involved in it and perhaps seek an alternative path.


Singapore is so awful at this [mentoring], it should be charged in a court of law because there seems to be a huge void when it comes to the development and sustaining of talent in the media as new generations graduate from tertiary institutions and enter the industry.

Forever and a day now, it’s been Jack Neo, Eric Khoo, Royston and Wee Lilin and never anybody else. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

These noted ‘godfathers’ of the Singapore media industry don’t seem to be grooming others to be the next generation of savvy talents that will take Singapore to the next level of television, gaming or film entertainment.

Instead, you get this weird feeling that these guys  are in and of themselves in an exclusive circle, afraid of being usurped by a new batch of players, which I suspect, is probably the case.

Mentoring doesn’t only keep talent within the industry; it allows talent to break new ground as ideas are exchanged not only in terms of content but also technology.

In Hollywood, see how the big guns are always developing technical expertise and sharing content. From producers like Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Spielberg, collaborating with Peter Jackson (who also develops and supports new talent), JJ Abrams, James Cameron, Darren Aronofsky and George Lucas, everyone over there is sharing and exchanging ideas because they know it keeps the industry moving to the next levels and keeps it vibrant and exciting.

The industry is teeming with new talent where everyone gets so good TOGETHER that when something is produced, it wows the world.

But o nooooo, not here folks. Over here we’re too stuck in our selfish, fear-driven mentality that sharing your knowledge with someone can only mean your demise.

Read the full blog entry here.

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