Unconvinced by PM Lee’s arguments

Andrew Loh /

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed about 1,200 tertiary students and guests at the annual Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum on Tuesday. The forum was titled: “Leadership Renewal: The 4thGeneration & Beyond”.

Mr Lee’s main point was summarized in the leading front page headline in Wednesday’s Straits Times report. “2-party system not workable here: PM”, it says. His argument was based on two points: one, a two-party system will result in a “weak system”; two, “there is simply not enough talent in Singapore to form two ‘A’ teams to govern well.’

Mr Lee’s message was clearly a counter to the opposition’s call to Singaporeans to support them as an insurance should Mr Lee’s party, the People’s Action Party (PAP), falter one day. The opposition Workers’ Party, in particular, has in recent weeks reiterated this point in its pre-election outreach activities in the heartlands.

Perhaps Mr Lee, who is also secretary general of the PAP, was afraid that such an idea would take root in voters’ minds and has thus chosen to address it head-on in a public forum.

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Read the transcripts of the PM’s speech here. Watch the video here.

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