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The coming S$270 billion bailout

The following is an excerpt from Yawning Bread Alex Au/ Public housing in Singapore is also governed by its own kind of “COE”, though we call them title deeds. They have a life of 99 years. The oldest flats, built in the 1960s, are now approaching 50 years in age. However, Singaporeans have totally different expectations about value. We expect …

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Unconvinced by PM Lee’s arguments

Andrew Loh / Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed about 1,200 tertiary students and guests at the annual Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum on Tuesday. The forum was titled: “Leadership Renewal: The 4thGeneration & Beyond”. Mr Lee’s main point was summarized in the leading front page headline in Wednesday’s Straits Times report. “2-party system not workable here: PM”, it says. His …

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Reform Party unveils new youth leadership and logo

The Reform Party takes great pleasure in unveiling the new leadership of its Youth Wing, The Young Reformers. Mr. Gerald Yong and Mr. Lim Zi Rui have taken up appointments as co –heads of The Young Reformers with Ms Vignes Ramachandran taking up the position of deputy head. Please see the attached bios. The Reform Party Youth Wing spreads the …

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Non-subsidised drugs: Secret?

Leong Sze Hian/ I refer to Mdm Choi Lim Siew’s letter to the Health Minister regarding her problem of cancer treatment and drugs that are non-subsidised, which was copied to, and published on April 6 on The Online Citizen. In this connection,   I would like to refer to the Committee of Supply for the Health Ministry’s debate in Parliament. The …

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Multi-party democracy needed in Singapore

by Ng E-Jay/ At the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum organized by the NUS Student’s Political Association, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that a two-party system would weaken Singapore as there is not enough talent to form two equally good teams. He also advised against relying on the opposition as an insurance against the PAP faltering. He argued that it …

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