Smile PAP, the Straits Times is here! (Updated: 29 Mar)

We will update this page with the pictures from the Straits Times each day until the elections are over.

As the General Election approaches, we take a look at the coverage of the People’s Action Party (PAP) by the state-owned broadsheet, The Straits Times. Invariably and, an uncanny coincidence perhaps, virtually all the pictures of the PAP are of the members smiling.

We also notice that the PAP is perhaps trying to soften its image – by being photographed together with children.

There’s the front page picture of PAP secretary general Lee Hsien Loong, on 6 March, surrounded by smiling faces as he carries an infant in his arms; MP Charles Chong speaking with a little girl; and MP Amy Khor speaking to another little girl in school uniform; and MP Heng Chee How in a picture with a couple carrying a small child.

It is perhaps not surprising that the PAP is trying to soften its image – especially with all that have happened these last five years or so.

Here’re some pictures from the Straits Times’ coverage.

Straits Times 21 Mar 2011 Pg A3

Law & Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam
Straits Times 21 Mar 2011 Pg B2
George Yeo ST 21 Mar 2011 Pg B2

Mah Bow Tan ST 21 Mar 2011 Pg B3

ST 21 Mar 2011 Pg B3
Straits Times, 22 Mar 2011, Front Page

Straits Times, 23 Mar 2011
Straits Times 23 Mar 2011, Pg A3

St Front Page 24 March 2011



25 March 2011



Saturday, 26 March 2011





Sunday Times, 27 March 2011





28 March 2011





29 March 2011





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