Daily Archives: 2011-02-05

Government Scholarships – A case for greater representation of Minority Races?

by Pritam Singh Earlier this week, Yahoo! Singapore ‘Fit to Post’ (FTP) published an article that generated in excess of 900 user comments within 24 hours. Written by FTP Singapore’s blogger Angela Lim, the article was entitled, “Dr Mahathir: MM Lee does not respect religion.” Dr Mahathir’s comments were a result of some observations made by MM Lee in the …

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Helping Malay-Muslim families

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Muslims can be both religious and patriotic” (ST, Jan 30). It states that “Dr Yaacob was speaking to reporters while at Mendaki, the Muslim self-help organisation, to present cheques for a range of community projects. A total of $370,000 was given out to 39 organisations to fund programmes to help less …

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Minimum Wage Isn’t the Best Solution

by Davin Ng This is an addendum to my previous post on “Income Inequality & How to Not Fix It”. There has been a lot of hype in recent months about a minimum wage policy, because in the most straightforward sense it seems like a really great idea: force all those evil corporations and businesses to stop exploiting the workers …

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