Daily Archives: 2010-07-13

Why censorship is evil (by Siew Kum Hong)

From Siew Kum Hong’s blog: Excerpts: The point here is that this was a factual recording of a speech, nothing more nothing less. No deceptive editing, no emotive music, no crafty juxtaposition of images. So the usual arguments trotted out by the Government about the “special emotive power” of film do not apply. If there was anything in this film …

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Trafficking – Singapore’s sex in the city

Prostitution is surprisingly common in Singapore. Although many of these women work in the sex business by choice, there are so many women that do not. So many of them are kidnapped from their home countries to work in the sex trade, often deceived by being promised a decent job in Singapore, but ending up working in a makeshift brothel …

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Public pressure key to opposition working together

Dr James Gomez recently made a presentation at the 18 Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia. Dr Gomez’s presentation was titled, “Social Media and Opposition Parties: Networking for Singapore’s General Elections.” You can view the presentation here. Dr Gomez, who contested the last General Elections in Singapore in 2006 under the Workers’ Party’s banner, is currently Deputy …

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How a weekly Plant-Based Food Day might work

By Dr George Jacobs This is a follow-up article to Is Singapore ready for a plant-based food day? There are many possible ways to encourage people to go plant-based at least once a week. Here, divided into categories, are some ideas off the top of my head and others taken from what has been done in Singapore and other countries …

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