Trafficking – Singapore’s sex in the city

Prostitution is surprisingly common in Singapore. Although many of these women work in the sex business by choice, there are so many women that do not. So many of them are kidnapped from their home countries to work in the sex trade, often deceived by being promised a decent job in Singapore, but ending up working in a makeshift brothel in the middle of a forest. This is definitely an issue in Singapore, and the worst part is that the government denies that it is going on.

Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore, even though so many girls are doing it by force. No kidnappers or brothel managers have ever been arrested or charged for these crimes, yet numerous women who have managed to escape from the brothels in hopes of returning home have been arrested on account of not possessing a proper working permit. Sex trafficking in Singapore is a major human rights issue in Singapore culturally, legally, and most importantly, in my opinion, politically, because other countries have recognized that there is a problem in Singapore, yet the government fails to do anything to prevent it.

Read the report on Sex Trafficking Singapore (STS).

Here is a short video by STS: