Daily Archives: 2010-05-06

Reform Party seeking alliance with SDA

The Reform Party (RP), headed by secretary general Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, is seeking an “in-principle approval” from its members for an alliance with the Singapore Democratic Alliance, which is helmed by Mr Chiam See Tong. The party disclosed this in a media release on 6 May about its annual members meeting which is to be held on 8 May. The …

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Mothers’ Day : My mother’s eyes

Sunday, 9 May, is Mothers’ Day. The Online Citizen pays tribute to them through your stories. If you would like to submit a story, a thank you or a tribute to your mom, please email it to us at: [email protected] . The closing date is 9 May midnight. Our last story will be published on Tuesday, 11 May. Here is …

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Transgender women in Singapore launch campaign to end discrimination

– By Sylvia Tan – After being verbally abused and asked to leave a club for a second time in months, a transgender performance artist and two other transgender women have taken a stand and launched a campaign to end discrimination against their community. Marla Bendini Junior Ong, a 24-year-old first-year Art, Design & Media student was thrown out of a popular …

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PMET but unable to find a job

Dear Sir, I am a  middle-aged IT professional  and have been jobless for about a year. Let me share  about my frustrating  job search experience during this  period. Due to the myriad of tasks I had to undertake for my former company, I have gone completely jaded with the IT industry and quit last year. Moreover, when I had issues …

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On euthanasia and dying with dignity

This caught my eye today and affected me enough for me to break my longtime ban on myself for paying for mainstream news. Reading Madam Lim’s story was honestly very heart wrenching. Here is a lady whose body is being slowly eaten up by cancer, and she wishes to stop it before it gets any worse. However there is one …

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