Reform Party seeking alliance with SDA

The Reform Party (RP), headed by secretary general Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, is seeking an “in-principle approval” from its members for an alliance with the Singapore Democratic Alliance, which is helmed by Mr Chiam See Tong.

The party disclosed this in a media release on 6 May about its annual members meeting which is to be held on 8 May.

The members’ meeting will be followed by a press conference where the RP will also introduce its first batch of candidates for the next general elections which must be held by early 2012.

“At the meeting we will present progress reports and we will seek members’ approval on our strategy and our first batch of candidates for election,” the party said.

Explaining the steps the party needs to take in forging an alliance with the SDA, the RP says it first has to put the proposal to its CEC for approval and then seek in-principle approval from its members.

“For this reason we have tabled discussion of the proposed SDA alliance for our annual meeting on Saturday,” the party says.

Mr Chiam, who is also Member of Parliament for Potong Pasir, is understood to be seeking “approval this Friday 7th May from the SDA’s Supreme Executive Council for an alliance.”

“Once this is obtained, we will then ask our members to give in-principle approval to start negotiations with the SDA. The actual negotiations of the details of the alliance will be conducted by our respective CECs behind closed doors. There can be no certainty that final agreement will be reached on terms that are acceptable to both parties. Further announcements will be made when appropriate,” the RP says.

Once its members have given approval, the RP will invite Mr Chiam to address the members.

Last month, the RP and the SDA held a joint-walkabout in Bishan. It was led by both Mr Jeyaretnam and Mr Chiam.

Andrew Loh

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