Monthly Archives: September 2009

Handicapped resident applies for aid with MP but faces difficulties

“Happy Angel” interviews a resident who is seeking help – such as applying for food vouchers –  from his MP and other government departments. In this video, the resident explains the difficulty he faces when doing so. “Happy Angel” has also posted the videos on the government’s website, REACH. (See here.) She wrote to the MP in question, Boon Lay …

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Paid $68 but only could hear engines roar

Like many others, I didn’t mind having to stand and watch the race, unlike holders of grandstand tickets. But imagine my disappointment when I realised I could not see the cars at all – I could only hear the engines roar. I know I did not pay much, but I did not go there just to hear the roar of …

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s speech

Video of Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s speech at the Reform Party’s 1st anniversary dinner. The video is by Kenneth’s son, Jared Jeyaretnam. Read the full text of Mr Jeyaretnam’s speech here. 

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