Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Dear Students, Parents & Friends,

Great News! Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) presents a unique dance-drama based on the book

Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Richard Bach and set to the music of Neil Diamond


Friday, 10th April to Sunday 12th April 2009 
Victoria Theatre, 7p.m.

Come join us in this magnificent journey through a TFA production of spell-binding dance, drama, and music.
Call: 6535 0509 for your Invitation cards. Donations are graciously accepted with love.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull was first presented by TFA in Singapore in 1993. It is the story of you and me. It is the story of the struggles we all go through to find answers to some of life’s recurrent questions;

Is there more to this daily grind? Is there more to my existence than making ends meet and staying ahead?

Can I find my ‘perfection’ in this seeming chaotic world we live in? Can I find my peace in this rat-race?

In the book, this life-long journey & experience is presented through a journey of a seagull, Jonathan, who sees a higher purpose to flying than merely following the fishing boats in search of the next meal. He senses that there is more to life. Jonathan wants to find that ‘something more’ and flies like no other seagull. To rise above the mundane, soar and break free of all limits.

This is in fact the very real story of a few individuals over course of mankind’s brief history as we know it. This is the story of these few who have chosen to tread their own path in search of Truth. And to then show the rest of us that there is another way to find inner joy even in the world we live in. These are the musicians, dancers, poets, artists, saints and sages of the world over who have found their perfection, free of the limits imposed by the ‘real world’.

Click here to view the Jonathan Livingston Seagull website

TFA email: [email protected]

Admission is by invitation cards available from Temple of Fine Arts. Donations are graciously accepted with love.

The Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore
133, New Bridge Road, #B1-02, Chinatown Point, Podium A, 
Singapore 059413 (Exit E of Chinatown MRT) 
Tel: 6535 0509

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