Monthly Archives: January 2009

Too much bad news

However, many of them felt that there are just too many negative reports about the economy in the media, especially the newspapers.  The front pages have been carrying news of layoffs and companies going under, day after day. Lam Pin Min, P65 blog

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Permanent removal

While capital punishment may or may not have deterred would-be offenders from committing such offences, the indisputable fact is that the offenders are removed, never to be able to repeat their crimes. This should tilt the scales in favour of capital punishment, as society will be rid of a potential social menace permanently. YAP SWEE HOO, ST Forum

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Facing joblessness? Need Help? Visit transitioning.org

As Singapore braces itself for its worst recession in its history, a group of Singaporeans is stepping forth to provide counseling help for those who are unemployed or who may be unemployed in the coming months. They have set up a website called Transitioning, with qualified counselors.

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Unleashing the “unique Singapore advantage”!

In Singapore we have tripartism, and the tripartism has served us very well. It is a unique advantage, so as we go through this downturn, our challenge is to continue to unleash this unique Singapore advantage. Both parties are under a lot of stress. So when we are under stress, that is a moment of truth. Some union leaders (and) …

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Nude shock

Then, clothes in hand, they coolly walked in their flip-flops towards the market. Reuters, on couple who walked nude in Holland Village.

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