As Singapore braces itself for its worst recession in its history, a group of Singaporeans is stepping forth to provide counseling help for those who are unemployed or who may be unemployed in the coming months. They have set up a website called Transitioning, with qualified counselors.

The following message is from the website:

This site is specially set up to cater to the needs of the unemployed. It is hope that the unemployed can find support and solace here.

A friend, who is an engineer and jobless for six months, told me that he felt very alone and isolated during his period of unemployment. There is no central body that he can go to seek help and support. Likewise, been unemployed myself for 20 months before during the Sars period, I shared his sentiments.

The unemployed faced a daily challenge of going for interviews, facing rejection from employers and yet trying his best to continue living his life as normal as he could.

Over the past one month, we tried to come up with this website and hopefully try to showcase the positive part of the whole unemployment experience. There will be many articles posted to help the jobless to resolve certain emotional hiccups of being unemployed.

We all know that finances are also a big part of the jobless problem. This site will try to help you resolve certain financial aspects of being unemployed. We will also try to help the unemployed post their template resume on the site for potential employers

Thanks and have a good time surfing the site.


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