Bloggers’ tribute to JB Jeyaretnam

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Gerald Giam – Passing of JBJ

Last night I was meeting with a bunch of friends. We were just talking about JBJ. One of my friends remarked that Singapore may not have been kind to JBJ while he was alive, but history will record that JBJ was the man that started the reform of Singapore‘s political system. Our children will thank JBJ for his contributions. I am truly grateful.

Benjamin Cheah – JBJ is dead

History will say that Jeyaratnam had an extraordinary strength of conviction…. JBJ is dead. But I cannot let the values he stood for die with him.

Yaw Shin Leong – A tribute to uncle Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam

Hearing the news about Uncle JBJ passing away, made me regretted greatly, that I should have visited Uncle JBJ personally yesterday. If only I knew. God will definitely bless Uncle JBJ’s soul, but the Lion of Singapore has passed away. Today is a sad, sad, day and I am TERRIBLY upset.

Lilian Lee – The demise of…

He passed away this morning and left behind a dream; true democracy for Singapore which I believe will be carried on by many.

Zuco’s blog – Not one to leave quietly

This man who was much maligned and attacked by LKY and PAP never gave up the fight for his belief in a more just and equitable Singapore.

Anti-Neo Democracy Theorist – Thinking about Mr JBJ

Perhaps the most poignant moment is still his victory at the Anson by-election, which shattered the myth of an invincible and omnipotent PAP…

My Singapore News – JBJ – The most enduring fighter

He is the most enduring fighter in the Singapore political scene. His political career stretched as long as those of LKY. And he fought LKY all the years, in elections, in Parliament and on the streets.

Dr Huang – Mr. JB Jeyaratnam: R.I.P.

The passing on of Mr. JB Jeyaratnam is a sad day for all Singaporeans.

Singapore Life And Times – Farewell comrades

Yet in spite of all his failures, history will show that he did stir the giant that is the PAP from its inertia to forward the cause of all opposition politicians that will follow.

The Void Deck – Farewell, JBJ

Whatever his faults, whatever his politics, we cannot forget his immense contributions and his heart to make a real difference. Singapore loses a son.

Alex Au – J B Jeyaretnam passes on

Yet, he never gave up the fight. Again and again, he threw himself against the steamroller of an authoritarian state. Despite paying dearly for his pugnacity and idealism, he became a beacon of hope for any Singaporean who believed in liberty and democracy. We were awed by his courage and tenacity, and we must surely be grateful that he kept, at times almost single-handedly, the flame alive.

Recruit Ong – A true patriot has passed away

You will always be remembered for your courage and tenacity. For standing up to tyranny and those who sought to crush you through dirty means and misuse of justice.

Rachel Chung – The spirit of Anson will live on. Goodbye, JBJ

I remember even as a child, how fiery and passionate this man was about his beliefs and how he cared for the people, even though I might not have completely understood the issues then.

The Bosonic StateAn old warrior passes on

His shattering of the PAP’s complete hegemony of the parliament in 1981 was considered, in the analysis of Singapore‘s political history, a critical event, a spike on the political radar just like Singapore‘s independence.

Jacob George – JBJ’s indomitable spirit lives on

In an age where a million dollars are demanded to serve the nation, JBJ parted with a million dollars to serve his people.

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