Monthly Archives: September 2008

Stand up, Singaporeans!

Cast off the slumber into which you have been led into for the last 10 years. Wake up to your rights as a human being, to your proper role as citizens of this country. JB Jeyaretnam, July 2008

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Biggest hike in 8 years but “we’re better off”

In a market where oil prices are relentlessly moving up, by pegging to three-month forward fuel price, we have been better off by and large. Energy Market Authority (EMA) chief executive Khoo Chin Hean, on biggest hike in electricity tariffs in 8 years

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That’s life

But that’s life – if you want to have a good rewards, you’ve got to take risks. Otherwise, leave your money in your CPF. Goh Chok Tong, on investors of minibonds and high notes

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