Monthly Archives: May 2008

Chiam fulfils walkway promise made at 2006 polls

The project, which costs the town council $250,000, also ended a dispute between Mr Chiam and Mr Sitoh Yih Pin from the People's Action Party, who lost the contest for the ward in 2006 polls.
When some of the lights were vandalised, Mr Sitoh declined to repair them, saying the land's lease was due to expire.

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‘Guest Workers’ or Modern Slavery?

Some of these men are not allowed to leave Singapore because the labor ministry requires them to stay to appear as witnesses in a string of court cases.
"This is the dark side of globalization: a vast work force trapped in conditions that verge on slavery," Newsweek said.

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Civil servants’ inflation bonus

SOME 60,000 civil servants in Singapore will get a half-month mid-year bonus in July and an inflation bonus of between $100 and $300.
Is this a timely handout? Will it really help workers cope with record-high inflation in Singapore?
Share your views here.

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Schools kill creativity

Sir Ken Robinson, a leading expert on innovation and human resources, argues that we've been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers.

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