Daily Archives: 2007-08-06

PM Speech – The economic front

By Lau Kee Wee 1. General tone: putting on a brave front Patting each other on the back would seem to be the gist of his economic front. After all, Singapore did emerged stronger from SARS; terrorism; recessions; bird-flu into this current boom. Expect PM to remind us that much of the credit is due to our government’s foresight of …

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Has new media gone off the radar?

By Aaron Ng If PM Lee’s National Day message is any indicator of what is coming up on the National Day Rally speech for this year, it is perhaps not surprising that new media has been thrown off the radar, despite having occupied a relatively prominent place in last year’s Rally speech. In the message (full text available here ) …

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Foreign unis & foreign students – are we striking the right balance?

By Leong Sze Hian Despite a heated debate in the media and calls by the public for EDB to reveal how much of taxpayer’s money has been lost due to the UNSW closure, EDB chose to remain silent. I find it somewhat embarrassing to first find out the amount by reading the Singapore media, quoting the Australian media. Since Parliament …

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