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No go for HLP event – police cites “significant risk of public disorder”

The Singapore Police Force has rejected an application by Gilbert Goh to hold an event at Speakers’ Corner on Saturday, 14 February. Mr Goh’s event is titled “In Solidarity with Singaporean Indians – Thaipusam  to be Made a Public Holiday”. “We have four races here and though Deepavali is celebrated as a public holiday, Thaipusam which is an important Hindu …

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Can we have our holidays back now?

By Ariffin Sha There has been heightened public discourse on the reinstatement of Thaipusam as a Public Holiday in Singapore. An online petition to make Thaipusam a holiday has gathered more than 10,000 signatures within 24 hours. There has even been an event organized at Hong Lim Park on 14 February to stand in solidarity with Indians and demand for …

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Thaipusam scuffle – woman files report alleging police assault

The Singapore Police has confirmed that a police report has been filed by a woman of being assaulted by officers during last Tuesday’s Thaipusam procession at Serangoon Road. The 30-year old woman is believed to be the wife of one of the three men who were arrested and accused of behaving in a disorderly manner in the scuffle with police …

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News reports wrong about Thaipusam incident, says devotee

The following is a Facebook page posting by Mr Mohan, also known as “King Chola Hercules”, who says he was one of the three men arrested for the scuffle during a Thaipusam procession in Serangoon Road on Tuesday. In his note, which he said was “to let the public know my point of view” about the incident, Mr Mohan says …

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Hindus given special privileges: Shanmugam

Law Minister K Shanmugam has responded to questions on why music and musical instruments are banned during the Hindu street procession of Thaipusam. On Tuesday, a fracas broke out between some devotees and police officers when the former were told not to use the musical instruments they had with them. Three persons were eventually arrested for the scuffle. Mr Shanmugam …

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The Thaipusam fracas – Real answers needed

By Masked Crusader While the police have attributed the scuffle at this year’s Thaipusam procession to inebriated hooligans, a fringe group even Hindus would frown upon, it may have been an incident that has been brewing (pardon the pun) since 2011 and perhaps much longer. The fracas may in fact have been an act of defiance against laws the participants …

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