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Harmful allegations swirl in Singapore’s judicial void

By Andy Wong Reports of arbitrary and unjust behaviour on the part of the authorities investigating Singapore’s Little India riots have begun to surface in the Indian media. These allegations, made apparently by those deported without trial or due process are harmful to the reputation of Singapore’s police force, yet with no court case and no finding of guilt to …

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Our Elderly need the Teletext Service

By: Jeraldine Phneah I am sad to hear that Mediacorp will no longer be offering it’s Teletext service this month. This service is currently being used by many senior citizens who rely on it to check the daily news, TV programmes schedules and lottery results. Teletext to them is similar to how our youths depend on social media platforms such as Facebook …

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Primary School Admissions- Disadvantageous to the poor?

By: Jeraldine Phneah I am writing this post because I am deeply concerned by the existing admission of primary school students on it’s impact on children from disadvantaged backgrounds in our society. The recent statistics released by the Ministry of Education revealing that one in every five primary school students enter by ‘connections’ is a worrying one (“20% of P1 …

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Should everyone have a college degree?

In August 2012, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced that Singapore would be adding more universities. This will increase current full-time university intake, and enable 40% of each cohort to go to university by 2020, up from 27% today. Back then, I wrote a letter to TODAY expressing my concerns on this matter. Having lived in Europe previously. I questioned if …

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Meritocracy: Romantic idea, poor application

By: Jeraldine Phneah The deficiency of the Singapore education system in ensuring and realizing meritocracy. “We discover, regardless of which society, that in the long run, the rich will marry the rich and their children will have more opportunities. And those who are not rich will form another type of social condition. And that is, those who are not rich and do …

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Reintroduce dialects back into Singapore

By: Jeraldine Phneah For years, English and Mother Tongue ruled the media, while dialects were kept to private conversations at home with one’s elderly grandparents and neighbours. Back in 1978, The Goh Report, an evaluation of Singapore’s education system by Dr. Goh Keng Swee, showed that less than 40% of the student population managed to attain the minimum level of competency in two languages. …

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