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They do say the darnest things: What a to-do about Operation Coldstore

By Hong Lysa True colours ‘Sound historical consciousness requires intellectual rigour and honesty’ — a very heartening statement by Tan Tai Yong, Nominated Member of Parliament, Vice-Provost (Student Life), director of the Institute of South Asian Studies, (‘History’s many shades of grey’, Straits Times 15 Sept 2014). He is Professor, Department of History, National University of Singapore, (only the third local Singaporean to …

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Politics is dirty?

By Teo Soh Lung There is a common saying that “Politics is dirty”. I didn’t know it is that dirty till I read the essays of historians, Professor Geoff Wade and Dr Thum Ping Tjin in “The 1963 Operation Coldstore in Singapore, Commemorating 50 Years.” I have heard personal accounts and analysis of the politics of Singapore in the 50s …

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United Front were no communists: British intelligence

The report below is by Maurice LB Williams, the Security Liaison Officer (which is the title of the Head of the British intelligence unit, MI5, office in Singapore), evaluating the evidence presented by the Singapore Special Branch on the security situation in Singapore. You can see his initials at the bottom of page 4. “Security Situation in Singapore”, 25 April …

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What is it about the Singapore/Malaya merger and Operation Coldstore?

The Online Citizen speaks with Dr. Thum Ping Tjin, a historian on the merger of Singapore and the Federation of Malaya along with Operation Coldstore which can be said to be a period of white terror of our country. He has researched extensively and have been documenting the unclassified documents that have been recently released by the British Government on the two topics. Update – Declassified …

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