FAS’s Bernard Tan under fire: Netizens slam blame shift onto players for lackluster performance

Addressing Singapore’s recent 0-7 loss to Malaysia at the SEA Games, Bernard Tan, acting president of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), admitted room for improvement and promised a thorough review. Amid public calls for accountability, Tan acknowledged fan frustration and accepted responsibility for on-field results. However, fiery debates questioned FAS leadership, with critics pushing for top management to be held accountable, sparking calls for a comprehensive overhaul.

FAS acting president issues apology for blunt Instagram remark

On 12 May, Bernard Tan, acting president of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), apologized for his abrupt response to a comment about Singapore’s loss to Malaysia. The FAS faced criticism as the under-22 team finished last in the group with zero wins. Tan set his Instagram account to private and issued an apology, acknowledging the fans’ frustration and pledging to focus on supporting the players. The FAS Council, led by Tan, includes former military generals and politicians, drawing concerns about the management’s expertise in football.

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