Seek help when necessary

Gilbert Goh / Writer

Professional counseling is a viable option for those who are unemployed.

FOR those feeling hopeless or depressed as they are without a job, it is time to consider professional counseling support.

They are many family service centres (FSC) out there that provides counseling support and it can be provided free if you explain your current financial situation to them. There is no shame in this and we should put away our ego here.

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Unemployment is ranked as the sixth most stressful event of one’s life, with losing one’s spouse through death or a divorce occupying the top few spots according to a study done in University of Birmingham in 2001.

Adverse Effect Of Unemployment

Unemployment sucks out whatever optimism you have inside of you and will often reduce one to having sleepless nights as unemployment has no defined time frame. Unemployment also hits a man hard especially heads of household as it hurts the self-esteem and man’s natural tendency to provide for the family.

That is why it is important for the unemployed to protect his emotions and mind well. He needs to fill them up with positive thinking through reading motivational books, having positive self-talks, and by mixing around with positve people. Going for regular exercises also helps to lift up one’s mood as it is found that when the body moves rapidly in motion, it sends oxygen and blood pumping through his system producing feel-good endorphins.

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