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Tribunal: Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam’s Poem was not “a deliberate assault upon judicial integrity”

A tribunal appointed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon has ruled that a poem penned by criminal and human rights lawyer, Eugene Thuraisingam, “is more likely to have been an authorial misstep than a deliberate assault upon judicial integrity.” The tribunal, comprising of Senior Counsel Cavinder Bull and Lawyer Teo Weng Kie elected not to refer Mr Thuraisingam to the Court of …

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No Innocent Explanation? – Death Row Inmate’s Lawyers use Evidence Adduced by the Prosecution to Seek Inmate’s Second Acquittal

By Ariffin Sha In a twist of Shakespearean proportions,  Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, the lawyer for death row inmate Ilechukwu, has used evidence produced by the Prosecution to argue for his client’s acquittal. The Defence counsel made the case that the results of a psychiatric assessment conducted by one Dr Jaydip Sarkar from Institute of Mental Health (IMH), which was sought …

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Cambodian NGO engages local law firm to look into complicity of Singaporean Entities in ‘environmental destruction’ arising from Sand Mining

Mother Nature Cambodia, a NGO that is “fighting to put an end to the systematic destruction of Cambodia’s precious natural resources” has engaged Singaporean law firm, Eugene Thuraisingam LLP (‘ET LLP’), to provide advice in relation to the alleged complicity of Singaporean Entities in the ‘Sand Mining Scam.’ If the fight is successfully brought before Singapore’s Courts, it would be unprecedented …

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Dialectical Postmortem Blues: “Marxist or Catholic?”

“You are a Marxist.” “No, I am a Catholic” *PIAK* Now, imagine that exchange repeating itself no less than 50 times. In addition to being repeatedly slapped across the face by an ISD Officer who was trained in martial arts, the detainee would also be doused with ice-cold water in a room where the air-condition is on full blast. That …

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