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Are rules on Cooling Off day still relevant and do they actually work to achieve the intended objective?

By Ghui The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) once branded Singapore as “Uniquely Singapore“. While Singapore is undoubtedly unique in many ways, one unique feature certainly stems from its electoral system (although I am pretty sure that this was not what the STB had in mind when it coined the phrase). While Singapore has inherited the British Westminster System of government …

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Tweaking back to time…

Our forefathers fought for Singapore to be freed from the shackles of colonialism and for us to be able to run this country for our own interests instead of those of our colonial masters. Two generations later we find ourselves struggling again to restore democracy and bring about a govt that works for our interests instead of its own. Lucky …

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No need to vote tactically, says Vivian Balakrishnan

What we are trying to tell our people is that in future, you don’t need to vote tactically. We will guarantee a diversity of views in this House, but focus on choosing candidates who can form a government, focus on choosing someone who will run your town council, look after your homes … keep it safe, keep it clean, keep …

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Chiam asks for two-member GRCs

Bigger GRCs are not needed because two-member GRCs can produce the optimum number of minority race MPs, while maximising meritocracy in the Singapore electoral system. Chiam See Tong

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PAP MPs “work for it”?

If the Opposition wishes to have a geographical constituency, then like the PAP they must work for it and they must earn it. Many people ask the PAP government for many things but surely here a line must be drawn. PAP MP Indranee Rajah

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Civil service is “politically impartial”

Civil servants under the constitution hold their allegiance to the president. The symbolism that is attached to that is we actually serve at the pleasure of a politically neutral institution. It is one of the values of the civil service that we are politically impartial. Deputy Principal Senior State Counsel from the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Owi Beng Ki As the Channel …

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