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Papa’s Boy

By Lynn Lee I can’t stop looking at this photo of Cheong Chun Yin and his father. He’s a toddler, probably no older than two – a little monkey perched on Papa’s shoulders. Uncle Cheong is smiling as he looks up at his son. There’s a glimmer of pride in his eyes. There is so much joy. Like any parent, …

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I witnessed the death sentence being passed

By Ariffin Sha Michael Anak Garing , you are hereby sentenced to be taken from here to a lawful prison (and then to a place of execution) where you shall be hanged by the neck until you are dead. As these words were read out by the Judge on a sombre Monday morning, the court stood still. For the accused …

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Finally, reprieve for a father’s grief

“I am very happy,” Mr Cheong Kah Pin said, as he wipes away tears from his eyes. These are words you would never hear from Mr Cheong, who is now 60-years old. He has been campaigning through any means he knew to save his 30-year old son, Chun Yin, from Singapore’s death row since 2008. Chun Yin had been sentenced …

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