Fact Checking Policy

We strive for accurate headlines that represent the actual context of the article and apply a rigorous vetting process to every news article on the site.

While we have the policy of not naming our sources and interviewees so as to protect their privacy and interest, we ensure that whistleblowers and confidantes have their identity checked out and verified.

Any claims made, will be backed up with statements by individuals/organisations who/which have privilege information or knowledge to the issue at hand and not based on hearsay, supported with documentation evidence or based on prior public statements made.

This is why our articles have the evidence (ie. audio/video/image) embedded and hyperlinks of the source material inserted in the keywords so as to allow our readers to verify the source of the information for themselves.

We will always try to reach out to official sources whenever possible and give a day of allowance before running a story that would have required a response. While we strive to present all sides of a story, there will be occasions where one side of the story cannot be presented. Regardless of when a reply is given, the response will be inserted in the article for the different side of the story.

For corrections or update requests, please contact [email protected]