Singaporean student team takes 3rd place in international rocket competition

A Singaporean student team from the Singapore Propulsion Lab achieved an impressive third place in an international rocket-building competition. This marked the first successful launch and recovery of a rocket designed entirely by a Singaporean student group.

Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges

Scientists are abandoning Twitter due to an increase in insults, hate, and misinformation related to climate change following Elon Musk’s takeover. Researchers have experienced amplified abuse and a decline in engagement on the platform, leading them to seek alternative social networks. Experts suggest that organized resistance against climate reform is on the rise, with opponents orchestrating campaigns of misinformation. Some scientists have shifted their communication to platforms like Substack and Mastodon, which offer a more thoughtful and less abusive environment for discussing climate science.

Harvard study finds implicit racial bias highest among white people

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reveals a significant disparity between people’s explicit beliefs and implicit biases regarding racial groups. Over 90% of participants stated that white and non-white people are equally human, but an implicit measure showed that white participants associated “human” more with their own racial group than with others. Conversely, Black, Asian, and Hispanic participants did not display such biases. The research underscores the enduring presence of sentiments that have historically led to discrimination and dehumanization, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness to challenge stereotypes.

Singapore expands elective egg freezing age limit to 37, allowing more women to preserve fertility

The age limit for elective egg freezing (EEF) in Singapore has been raised to 37 years, instead of the initially proposed 35 years. This decision is based on a review of local and international evidence indicating stable success rates for egg freezing up to the age of 37. Only legally married couples can utilize their frozen eggs for procreation. Gender equality advocacy group AWARE welcomed the change but called for the removal of restrictions on in-vitro fertilization for non-married individuals.

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