Ho Ching praises Michelle Yeoh’s family lineage but fails to mention Yeoh Lam Keong as her cousin

Ho Ching praises Michelle Yeoh’s family lineage but fails to mention Yeoh Lam Keong as her cousin

SINGAPORE — Former Temasek Holdings CEO, Ho Ching, has hopped on the bandwagon to congratulate Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh on her historic win at the Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Yeoh won the highly coveted Best Actress award for her performance in the sci-fi film “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, becoming the first Malaysian and the first Asian actress to win in this category.

Ho Ching has shared multiple posts related to recent news about Michelle Yeoh on her page, reflecting her admiration and respect for Yeoh’s remarkable achievements and her positive impact beyond the entertainment industry.

In one of her posts published on Tuesday(14 March), Ho Ching highlighted the successful family background of the Yeohs of Ipoh, and related the now-even-more-famous Malaysian actress to former People’s Action Party Member of Parliament, and former acting president of Singapore Yeoh Ghim Seng.

“The Yeohs of Ipoh are a successful family, with branches and twigs all over the world, ” she said.

She noted that retired surgeons like Yeoh Kian Hian and his two brothers, who are uncles of Michelle Yeoh, and the nephews of Yeoh Ghim Seng who is also a top surgeon.

Professor Yeoh Ghim Seng was the Head of the Department of Surgery at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1955 and the first Asian to hold the position during British Colonial period.

“So Prof Yeoh Ghim Seng was the grand uncle of Michelle Yeoh too. The late Prof Yeoh Ghim Seng was also a Speaker of Parliament in Sg, and one time acting President of Sg. ”

Ho Ching also shared her personal memories of the late Professor Yeoh, recalling his skilful mango-slicing abilities, which he would perform after dinner to entertain his fellow diners.

She added that the Yeoh family’s success extends beyond medicine, boasting lawyers, businessmen, political activists, and politicians.

“And today, 60-year-old Michelle Yeoh has added the Oscar for Best Actress to her list of her own accomplishment, and made Ipoh Yeohs proud.”

“And all of us in Malaysia, Singapore, Asia, plus women everywhere can be proud of her, and the zest of life she represents.”

In another post on her personal Facebook page, Ho Ching said Malaysia should feel proud of Michelle Yeoh, and noted that Malaysia recognised her as a Tan Sri well before her historic win at the Academy Awards.

“And of course, her extended family and friends, and friends of family and friends of friends all want to send congratulations- they are all proud of her. ”

“And women and Asians, all feel proud of her.”

She emphasized the impact of Yeoh’s success, not only for women and Asians but also for her contributions to various charitable causes.

As a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, Yeoh has been working tirelessly to promote awareness and support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and Ho Ching commended her generosity in lending her presence and voice to other good causes.

Ho Ching also highlighted Yeoh’s personal example of remaining grounded amidst success, which has given hope and confidence to many.

“May she continue to inspire many many others to make the best of life,” Ho Ching concluded.

Omission of Yeoh Lam Keong

Madam Ho Ching mentioned that doctors, surgeons, lawyers, businessmen, political activists and politicians come out from Yeoh’s family, and even mentioned that ex-PAP politician Yeoh Ghim Seng was the granduncle of Michelle Yeoh.

However, It seems Madam Ho forgot to mention that Yeoh Lam Keong, who is a prominent economist in Singapore and former Chief Economist of GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation), is also a cousin of Michelle Yeoh.

In a recent post, Mr Yeoh sarcastically wrote: ” She forgot to mention the fishermen ! I wonder who are the “political activists”…”

As an economist and academic, Mr Yeoh has been a vocal critic of Singapore’s government and its policies. He has expressed concerns about income inequality, social welfare, and the government’s focus on economic growth at the expense of social welfare.

One of Yeoh’s main criticisms of Singapore’s government is its emphasis on economic growth and its neglect of social welfare policies. He argues that the government’s policies have resulted in income inequality, with the rich getting richer while the poor struggle to make ends meet.

Mr Yeoh has also criticized Singapore’s approach to immigration, arguing that the government’s policies have contributed to rising inequality and social tensions.

In October and November last year, Mr Yeoh was issued Correction Directions order by Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office twice for his comments on Facebook.

The first was over alleged false and misleading statements regarding Housing Development Board (HDB)’s deficits and Singapore’s Past Reserves.

Mr Yeoh had published a Facebook post on 4 October, referring to the reply made by Minister of National Development Desmond Lee to Constituency Member of Parliament, Mr Leong Mun Wai’s Parliamentary Question.

Mr Leong asked for information regarding the net loss, cost of land paid, and net profit and loss position for the Central Weave BTO project at Ang Mo Kio.

He said that the estimated development loss of about S$250 million for the project would increase to about S$270 million after accounting for CPF housing grants, describing it as “disingenuous and misleading.”

The Minister of National Development argued that Mr Yeoh’s Facebook posts had falsely conveyed the message of HDB not incurring a loss of about $270 million from the project, and insisted that the losses incurred by HDB are accurate and real.

In another post on 7 November 2022, Mr Yeoh stated that “… we have a $30 bn structural fiscal surplus that we have not even begun to publicly delineate clear spending big plans for.”

He questions why the government needs to raise the GST at this moment and suggests that there may be no need for it. Yeoh also thinks that the government has not made a convincing argument for raising the GST.

However, the Minister for Finance has instructed the POFMA office to issue Correction Directions to Mr Yeoh, refuted that over the last two decades (excluding FY2020, which had a significant fiscal deficit due to COVID-19 expenditures), the Government recorded on average a fiscal balance of $2.2 billion per annum.

“It is therefore untrue that the Government has “a $30 bn structural fiscal surplus” that is available for spending yearly, ” the government statement claimed.


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