Temasek’s CIO Rohit Sipahimalani pauses investments in crypto in contrast to Ho Ching’s contrarian stance amid FTX loss

Temasek’s CIO, Rohit Sipahimalani, signals hesitation towards crypto investments due to regulatory uncertainty. Despite losing their FTX investment, of US$275million, Mdm Ho Ching, former Temasek CEO, had previously asserted long-term resilience in its investment strategy.

The discretionary power of our elected president – A timely revelation by Ho Ching?

Opinion: Ho Ching outlined the roles of the Elected President as being a national representative and safeguard of key institutions. However, Joseph Nathan questions her assertion that the President is not meant to be an independent voice or a check on government, given the established discretionary powers of the role.

Questioning Accountability: Kenneth Jeyaretnam seeks clarity on Ho Ching’s role in Temasek’s FTX investment

In light of the announcement by Temasek that it had cut the compensation of its senior management and the investment team responsible for the disastrous FTX deal, the Reform Party’s Secretary-General, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, questioned the due diligence process led by former CEO Ho Ching. He asked whether any part of her compensation was clawed back and emphasized the public’s right to know details of her remuneration. Temasek had made the FTX investment across two rounds from October 2021 to January 2022, partly during Ho’s tenure.

Ho Ching praises Michelle Yeoh’s family lineage but fails to mention Yeoh Lam Keong as her cousin

Former Temasek CEO Ho Ching congratulates Malaysian actress Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh on her historic Best Actress Oscar win, praising the accomplished Yeoh family, which includes surgeons, lawyers, and politicians. However, she missed mentioning Michelle’s cousin, well-known Singaporean economist Yeoh Lam Keong.

Ho Ching rebuke suggestion of free land for HDB flats so buyers would “enjoy a bigger windfall than they already have”

SINGAPORE — Mdm Ho Ching suggests that HDB flat owners think about converting the price of their flats into a rental stream and that they would find it “very very worthwhile” but prefaced that the price of the HDB flats is, however, not advanced rental payment. Posting her remarks in a Facebook post on Friday … Read more