Why are PAP’s flags hung upside down before Polling Day?

Why are PAP’s flags hung upside down before Polling Day?

Questions are again raised about the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) party flags and posters.

It first surfaced when the violation of display ahead of campaigning period (after nominations are closed on 30 June – 11:59pm on 8 July) was questioned by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). 

SDP posted photos on its Facebook page on 26 June showing PAP flags being hung in public areas in the vicinity of Marine Crescent Garden. The party’s vice-chairman, John Tan, then emailed the Elections Department (ELD) on 27 June enquiring about the legality of these actions, and to “let him know” what would be done “if PAP was found to be in violation of election rules and laws”. If this was actually allowed in contradiction to its previous announcements, Mr Tan asked for them to be informed “as (his) party is planning to do likewise”. 

The ELD said it only governs the rules during campaigning period – and that the legality of displaying flags in the pre-campaign period fell within the regulations under the Town Council Act

Now, photos captured by citizens showed PAP flags being hung upside down, with the logo facing downwards; they were captured at Jurong West. PAP will be contesting in Jurong group representation constituency, led by Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, where they will face Red Dot United. 

Photos by TOC correspondents showed the flags being hung by foreign workers who may not have recognised PAP’s logo. Perhaps that is why it was hung the wrong way up.


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