Singapore People’s Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond is all set to face off against People’s Action Party (PAP) incumbent Sitoh Yih Pin in Potong Pasir Single Member Constituency (SMC) in the coming General Election (GE).

Mr Raymond took to his Facebook on Tuesday (30 June), posting a video of him with his team putting up the Party’s election posters in Potong Pasir, Sennett Estate, Bidadari, and Joo Seng.

In the video, the SPP’s chairman can also be seen standing on the roadside, waving at nearby residents and passing cars under the pouring rain.

Besides posters, perambulating vehicles fitted with loudspeaker broadcasting the pre-recorded messages “Potong Pasir Hosay!” are also used as part of Mr Raymond’s campaigning.

“If you see this Hyundai, it means Potong Pasir Hosay Lai Liao!” he wrote on his Facebook post earlier today (1 July).

During the nomination speech for Potong Pasir SMC yesterday, Mr Raymond asserted that the decision made on Nomination Day will kick start the journey towards a more compassionate, equitable, and fairer society.

He also mentioned that it will be a journey for him to help the residents to see that “there is a better Singapore”.

“Residents of Potong Pasir, our journey towards a more compassionate, equitable, fairer society begins today. That journey begins with the decisions we make. For me, it is about the ability to win your hearts and your minds and for the people of Potong Pasir with a vision for a town which cares and compassionate,” Mr Raymond remarked.

“For me, it will be a journey to try to help you see that there is a better Singapore which we can build together. What is the kind of story which you would like to tell your children and grandchildren? Let’s write history together, and it starts right here in Potong Pasir,” he said during the speech,” he added.

Following this, the Party’s chairman took to his Facebook to wish his opponent in Potong Pasir luck.

“Let the people decide. Good luck to my opponent in Potong Pasir, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin. May the best man win,” he wrote.

In a separate Facebook post, Mr Raymond also thanked the residents of Potong Pasir for acknowledging him, before inviting them to be on a look-out for the Potong Pasir manifesto which will be launched today.

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