No politician has the right to berate a voter, says PV chief Lim Tean

No politician has the right to berate a voter, says PV chief Lim Tean

Yesterday (28 June), TOC reported that a Facebook user, who goes by the name Yethidran Prakash Nair, alleged on Friday (26 June) that he was told by the People’s Action Party (PAP) member Teo Chee Hean not to “screw things up” for the Party after he showed his face mask – which he drew ‘Thumbs down for PAP’ on it – to the former senior minister.

Following that, People’s Voice (PV) chief Lim Tean took to his Facebook earlier this morning (29 June) to say that “no politician has the right to berate a voter”.

According to Mr Lim, a voter has every right to “screw” a politician or a party by choosing to vote for the other side during the elections, adding that every politician ought to remember that they are “a servant and the people are the masters”.

He went on to stress that this is the problem with the PAP after being in power for 61 years.

“They think they have an inherited right to continue in power for as long as this Nation exists,” the party chief wrote. “This is hubris at its worse.”

However, Mr Lim assured that there is nothing to fear, hinting that a certain party across the border was kicked out not long ago, despite having been in power for more than half a century.

He was referring to the Barisan Nasional coalition’s six-decade-long monopoly being ended in Malaysia’s 14th General Election back in 2018.

Mr Lim concluded his post by urging fellow Singaporeans to bring about real change in Singapore come 10 July “by terminating the PAP’s leasehold on their office”.

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