PAP’s Teo Chee Hean allegedly said “don’t screw things up for us” to Facebook user for drawing ‘thumbs down for PAP’ on face mask

Facebook user, Yethidran Prakash Nair alleged on Friday (26 June) that he was told by the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s member Teo Chee Hean not to “screw things up” for the Party after he showed his face mask – which he drew ‘Thumbs down for PAP’ on it – to the former senior minister.

Mr Yethidran took to Facebook on Friday claiming that Mr Teo had spoken to him twice when he was drinking beers at a Kopitiam, and alleged that Mr Teo told him “Don’t screw things up for us” after he showed him his mask.

“Jus[t] about 45mins ago, Teo Chee Hean, walked past the kopitiam which I was having my beers. He spoke to me twice, n[and] the last parting words to me was ‘Don’t screw things up for us’..” he wrote.

Mr Yethidran added, “Jus[t] because I showed him my mask which shows a ‘Thumbs down for PAP’..“

He explained that the illustration he drew on his face mask was based on his “own personal view” about the PAP, adding that the fact Mr Teo uttered those words to him is “really unbecoming of a minister”.

“This is my own personal view about PAP, n[and] so, I drew it on my mask. But to say those words, it’s really unbecoming of a minister to utter those words,” he said, as he hinted that he will not be voting for the PAP in the coming general election.

Apparently, this was not the first time that Mr Yethidran was being approached by Mr Teo at the same place.

He uploaded a video on Facebook yesterday (27 June) in which Mr Teo, who was with two other PAP members, was seen speaking to Mr Yethidran at the Kopitiam for their first encounter.

“This was the 1st round he came around to say his opinion.. sadly, I don’t have the 2nd round video ( which he came back to me, hehehe!! Cannot tahan, so must come back lah. )…”, he wrote.


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