Singaporean university graduate pays off student loan through sugar dating

Felice Ang makes S$3000 per month as a sugar baby. (Photo: AsiaOne)

A sugar baby is a person who receives benefits financially and materialistically in exchange for a relationship.

A sugar daddy or mummy is the one who provides those benefits and gets into a relationship with a sugar baby.

Most people view these terms negatively and scrutinise those individuals.

Felice Ang, a 23-year-old university graduate and sugar baby, is here to challenge those views.

In an interview with Asiaone, Ms Ang talks about her life as a sugar baby.

Unlike the stereotypical seen on televisions, she discovered sugar dating through her university peers, not through suspicious connections.

Financial Troubles

Both of her parents, who work in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, found it hard to pay her expensive student loans.

Furthermore, when having two part-time jobs could not secure her education anymore, she decided to try sugar dating.

Physical Intimacy

Ms Ang did not have complaints about the job, but she had set clear boundaries.

Men mainly pay for her companionship. Luxurious items such as a HP laptop, custom-made Pandora necklace, and the iPhone 11 are benefits that she receives courteously.

Despite having paid for her companionship, Ms Ang stated that her relationships with her two sugar daddies naturally evolved to a sexual one.

Both relationships were mutually exclusive, and she would treat her sugar daddy as her boyfriend.

Boundaries with Sugar Daddy

For Ms Ang, mutual respect is an important aspect of a relationship. The three boundaries she has set are:

1. Don’t discredit one another’s effort.

2. Respect one another’s customs.

3. Don’t abuse each other physically.

These boundaries help her to have a respectful relationship with her sugar daddy.

Learning How to Date

Regardless of the job’s nature, it might not look all bad.

Engaged in a relationship with Ms Ang, her sugar daddy, a 35-year-old British divorcee, learns how to date again.

Even though many sugar babies would date married men, Ms Ang rejects the idea, firmly believing it is immoral to do so.

Understanding before Judging

For Ms Ang, sugar dating is a genuine job and also a good way to discover what one wants in a relationship.

Being with her current sugar daddy, she earns S$3000 a month and gets to dine privately and go on yacht trips.

Should there be judgments if she’s living happily and earning honestly without harming people?

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