“What do parents know about a teacher’s KPI?” asks former teacher

“What do parents know about a teacher’s KPI?” asks former teacher

A former teacher named Chegu Thamrin took his Facebook account on 23 January to lash out to parents who are only bothered about their own child’s progress without knowing that teachers have their own Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to fulfill.

He said that parents are only concerned about their own child’s progress, but teachers have to worry about at least 30 other students in their class, or up to 100 in the level that they’re teaching.

“Whatever the parents concern, it’s multiplied by 30, over a short period of probably 2 – 3 hours daily in school,” he noted.

Thamrin said that in the few hours of teaching for a particular subject, a teacher has to go all out to ensure the class achieves 100 per cent passing rate, every semester all year.

To make things worse, if a teacher fails to obtain good grades for the class, then the teacher would be lambasted by their officers, Principals and Superintendent on their incapability to achieve their KPI.

In addition to that, teachers’ annual grades and performance bonus also depend on the students’ progress.

The former educator went on further to say that parents who are up in arms about having to get their children to learn to read at home – guided or independently – should probably look at themselves first.

He added, “If we aren’t sending our kids to school, you teachers ain’t getting any jobs – that’s one most irresponsible arrogant statement I’ve ever heard of.”

This is not the first time a teacher voiced out their dissatisfaction over parents’ who opined that it’s a teacher’s sole responsibility to educate their children.

Recently, an adjunct teacher had to quit after her social media post on lack of parental involvement went viral.

In the Facebook post which has been shared over 1,000 times and received 590 reactions, Lenny Rahman lashed out at parents who do not teach their children basic language or read with them.

After Thamrin post was up, many netizens supported his view and felt that parents should be more involved in their children.

However, there are a bunch of people who disagree with Thamrin’s opinion and felt that teachers shouldn’t complain as it is their job to educate kids.



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