Tan Kin Lian shoots down rumour that Leong Sze Han is wealthy enough fund his legal cases against PM Lee

In an attempt to discredit the financial consultant and vlogger, Leong Sze Hian who is countersuing the PM for the abuse of the process of the Court, someone called Jason Koh alleged that Leong Sze Hian stays in a landed property in Serangoon Garden and is wealthy enough to pay for his own legal fees.

This comes just after a friends and supporters of Leong Sze Hian started raising funds for his defence of the PM’s defamation suit against him and for his countersuit of PM Lee.

Mr Leong had told TOC that many people had expressed interest in contributing to his legal funds, adding that some had already contributed. Mr Leong also said he hoped to see 10,000 people contribute $1 to his legal funds.

Clearly, $10,000 won’t be nearly enough to fund both cases but Mr Leong said, “Singaporeans must let our overpaid Ministers know once and for all, that it does not pay to sue ordinary citizens for defamation. Singaporeans and their children, and their children’s children will never have to fear being sued, for exercising their rights of freedom of expression.”

Back to Jason Koh who alleged that Mr Leong can pay for his own legal fees, former NTUC CEO Tan Kin Lian shot down that rumour promptly in a Facebook posting. He said that the house Mr Leong lives in is old, not renovated, and was probably inherited from his parents.

If one has visited Leong’s house, one would be astonished at the contrast of his house with the surrounding estate. Sure, he stays in a landed property but to say that he is rich, is another totally different matter.

Netizens whole-heartedly agreed with Mr Tan’s clarification as well, supporting it with their own experiences of how owning a landed property in Singapore doesn’t automatically signal wealth.